Prayer Chain

The purpose of the prayer chain is to strengthen our community by providing support through intercessory prayer for those in need. An important part of our community is coming together in prayer, whether in person or spiritually. The prayer chain takes prayerful action on individual, congregational, community and global needs. This network of Prayer Partners is committed to praying confidentially on behalf of the congregation and the community. The importance of the prayer chain is that it faithfully intercedes on behalf of others in need by lifting up specific requests, joys, concerns and emergency situations.

To Access the Prayer Chain

If you have a request, email one of the following persons, with your prayer request and any relevant details you would like to have shared. Your request will be forwarded to the team of prayer partners, who have committed to holding these requests in their prayers and meditations.

Sandy Cowart      Pastor Karla
Office Manager, Valerie          

If you would prefer to share your prayer request privately with Pastor Karla, you can send your request to her and note that this request is confidential.  Or call her.

If you would like to be a committed prayer partner, use the same emails to let the Pastor or Sandy know you will make the commitment to pray and she will see that you are included on the email list.