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Below you will find our schedule and the respective participant links for each session.  The three annual conferences of the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area are meeting in some joint sessions as well as our individual sessions, as you can see in our schedule below:

Next Sunday is Pastor Karla’s last Sunday with the congregation.

Morning worship will include:

  • The presentation of Bibles to those who have become 3rd graders during the pandemic, and/or will be this Fall.
  • Retirement celebration for Pastor Karla (secret things, kept from her…)
  • A “Last Supper” with Pastor Karla celebrating with us

Following worship is a RECEPTION to celebrate Pastor Karla’s retirement with her. Hoping that as many as can be there will come to say a final goodbye. This will be set up in the parking lot, as we will be providing some food and beverages, and “outdoor dining” is safer.

(Any who are not vaccinated for COVID-19 are advised to take caution about when a where you remove your mask after exiting the building, and to take all caution to protect yourself. Recommendation: You may want to take you food further away to eat, eat in your car, or take it home with you.)

Live Worship AND Recorded on-line worship

WORSHIP is Live and in-person now in our Sanctuary, at 11 AM Sundays, but we are also recording it and putting it up on youtube and on Facebook. More info about how we are worshipping is provided in an article further down.

Here are some of the links to recorded services. For additional services, please see the recent posts: Archives – Worship/sermons; or go to our Youtube channel: “Chehalisumc” – if you subscribe to the channel (free by clicking “subscribe” on any of the videos), you can get an email notification when a new video has been uploaded.

June 20, 2021 – WORSHIP RECORDING – Full Service
June 20 – Scripture and Sermon only

June 13, 2021 – WORSHIP RECORDING – Full Service
June 13, 2021 – Sermon only

The Friendly Caller – June 2021

Here is a copy of the Friendly Caller (our monthly newsletter) for MAY – ENJOY!
(NOTE: Clicking the link on the left will open the newsletter to read or print, clicking “download” will put a copy in your device’s downloaded files. Either can be read or printed.)

If you would like to be added to the list to receive an emailed newsletter, contact the church office at

Hallelujah!! Worship is LIVE in the

We started on Pentecost to worship
in our old familiar space!

HERE IS A BRIEF OUTLINE of our plan for joyfully and safely worshipping again in our space:

  • We began to meet for WORSHIP again in-person, in the sanctuary on Pentecost Sunday, May 23!  Each Sunday at 11 AM!
  • Worship participants wear face masks; sitting in family groups, with 6 feet distance between groups, and all participants are asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering.
  • There are no children’s activities, including childcare, at this time.
  • Our musician/soloist, Steve O’Connor, may sing – but for your safety he will be at least 25 feet from congregants, and masked when not performing. Steve is vaccinated for COVID-19, as are all persons leading worship. There will be no congregational singing, at this time.
  • Windows will be open as feasible weatherwise, and other methods of extra ventilation of the spaces used indoors. (Wear a sweater or jacket if cold outside).
  • Surfaces will be wiped down and cleaning, as appropriate, after the gathering has ended.

OTHER GATHERINGS (besides worship) will meet in appropriate spaces where distancing of 6 feet may be maintained.  ALL gatherings in the building must be scheduled and approved in advance by the pastor, so that there is enough time between meetings to ventilate and appropriately clean the spaces.

This plan is for NOW and may evolve as the vaccines do their job of increasing the safety more and more for ALL of our congregants, and we recognize the need and desire for changing the plan.

HERE IS THE ENTIRE PLAN, with more details:

But is it safe??

Because of new CDC guidelines, and Bishop’s guidelines, we DO believe it is safe. So many of our members and constituents are immunized at this point, CDC says they could potentially go without masks! However, out of an abundance of caution and not to leave out those who are not able to be immunized, we will still wear masks and continue to distance for now. When Lewis county’s active infection rates lower to a more acceptable level this might change.
We would like to acknowledge that there are still people who do not feel safe making this change so quickly. There are some who are immune-compromised, or for whatever reason are unwilling or unable to be vaccinated. And there are those with underlying conditions which make them hestitant to be indoors in a group, even when vaccinated. Each person must make their own decision about vaccination, and about attendance. So, respecting the right of adults to choose the level of risk they will accept, no adult may be excluded from church activities due to health conditions or vaccination status. AND we will continue to provide access to worship through the internet, by video-recording the service and putting it up for viewing by Sunday afternoon/evening (ASAP).

No more Outdoor Worship…. except….

We DO plan to have FIRST SUNDAY COMMUNION to be eaten outdoors.

It is consecrated at the end of the worship service. There will be distancing. Please continue wearing a face mask before and after eating in the out-of-doors.

Of course, people who are not vaccinated may want to take the elements they have picked up inside to a distance before eating, and/or in their cars.

Bible Study is suspended for the summer, and will resume in Autumn


A FREE online version of the Upper Room is available, click this link: The Upper Room. This is available to us because our church subscribes and gets hard copies of the booklets. These are available at the church building. Currently, the literature rack is just inside Boadway Hall. If for some reason you haven’t gotten one yet, or prefer to get the online version, then use the link above either for temporary use, or all the time during the pandemic.