Worship for 2nd Sunday of Easter – April 11, 2021

Welcome! The entire worship is on one video this week!

After watching and joining in as you can, please remember to read through the announcements posted after the video. MAY YOUR WORSHIP TIME BE BLESSED!


This Week:

  • Tuesday – 10:00 AM – Coffee hour – via zoom from home
  • Tuesday – 11AM-4 PM – Pastor Karla will have usual office hours.
  • T – W – Th – 10AM-1PM – office hours
  • Wednesday – NO BIBLE STUDY THIS WEEK! TAKING A SHORT BREAK – back on the 21st
  • Next Sunday (April 18) – 3rd Sunday of EASTER
    Starting early in AM – worship online at  http://chehalisumc.org  
    10:00 AM “Worship Watcher” Group in the Parlor (see details below)
    11:00 AM Outdoor worship (RAIN or SHINE) – in Parking lot

Monetary offering options:

  • checks sent to CUMC, P.O. Box 417, Chehalis, WA  98532. 
  • Cash or check, brought to the church office (in an envelope, please) – use the dropbox, if needed.
  • On the DONATE page of this website using a debit or credit card, or PayPal. 
  • Bill-payer:  on your bank’s bill-payer set an automatic monthly amount.


“Worship Watchers” group(s)

We now have a group of persons (up to 10, including the leader) who meet on Sundays to watch the online worship together. Some parts of the service (like Prayers of the People) may be done live with sharing.

This was devised with a certain group of people in mind: Those who have missed worship altogether because they have no internet, or inadequate internet for watching.  So this group will always have priority.  Other persons are invited to join as there is room.
A second group is forming at 12:30 PM. This means that anyone interested in attending on a given Sunday needs to call ahead to be put one of the lists. Call during office hours to Valerie (360-748-7334), or to Pastor Karla (206-226-4694) outside those hours.
THIS/THESE GROUPs WILL CONTINUE, EVEN THOUGH THERE IS AN OUTDOOR WORSHIP. Participants can choose which to attend. Some cannot navigate the outdoor situation!

Outdoor Worship

As the weather gets warmer and drier, and until we can begin indoor worship again, we have started having outdoor worship services. RAIN OR SHINE!! 🙂

ALL OUTDOOR WORSHIP WILL BE IN THE PARKING LOT! Chairs are set up. A Great new portable sound system.

RAIN: On days that are Rainy: Choose to bring an umbrella, OR stay in your car. Our new portable sound system is a good one, and has made it much easier to hear outside, even from your car (window down, of course).

When can we go to INDOOR Worship?

Once we have come to a time when we’ve reached the 2.1 Stage/Phase of re-opening the building! – that is after 3 weeks of continuously being in the yellow or green zone). At that point you’ll receive notices on Thursday as to whether we’ll be able to have worship (up to 25 persons each service) inside the building!

The website to check for color zone of the pandemic that is referred to above is  http://www.CovidActNow.org. When reaching this site, click on Washington State in the U.S. map and then on Lewis County. Scrolling down gives information and graphs about how our County is doing!   If we stay in the green or yellow zone, that’s GOOD for getting back to worship in person! We HAD BEEN in the yellow zone for over a week, but these past two weeks were back into orange! (The graph is current.)

NEXT Wednesday Night Bible Study
(break till April 21)

We finished “The Last Week” on last Wednesday night, and are taking a short break before coming back on APRIL 21.

The next plan is for a study of The Acts of the Apostles in the “Genesis to Revelation” series.  (If you have a copy of this book from a few years ago, bring it and join us again, or loan the book back to the church for others to use.) Several copies are available at the church office.


A FREE online version of the Upper Room is available, click this link: The Upper Room. This is available to us because our church subscribes and gets hard copies of the booklets. These are available at the church building. If for some reason you haven’t gotten one yet, or prefer to get the online version, then use the link above either for temporary use, or all the time during the pandemic.

“Coffee Hour” – Tuesdays 10:00 AM

This is an opportunity to see and hear other church people, share your joys and concerns, and pray together! To join the chatter follow the link at 10:00 AM Tuesday 
THIS WEEK. Bring your own coffee and/or snack!
Join Zoom Meeting –

For alternative ways to join click the next link and read!  Everyone can come, EVEN BY REGULAR LANDLINE PHONE!  
More info and more links: “COFFEE HOUR” POST