Worship for Feb 21, 2021

The First Sunday of Lent

Please feel free to scroll down the page to each section, watching and listening to the videos, pausing as you need to, and joining in the prayers and liturgy aloud or silently.


      Search Me, O God
      – Sung by Stephany Dawn

Stephanie Dawn and Dann Thornton performing “Search Me O God” (Psalm 139) by Marty Goetz at 3ABN. Recorded in September 2013.
From youtube: Dawnofhopeministry

Welcome & Call to Worship

The call to worship is adapted adapted from a Call by Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC | sanctifiedart.org.

Call and Prayer:

God meets us in the night—
Before the sun rises,
Before the wound heals,
Before there are answers,
Before there is closure.

God meets us in the light—
Where joy is effervescent,
Where laughter is contagious,
Where flowers bloom from cracks in the sidewalk,
And where people gather around the table.

God meets us at the threshold—
At the edge of the water,
At the beginning of the wilderness,
At the start of something new,
On the edge of faith.

And if God meets us in all those places,
Then surely God meets us in between—

Staying with us through the wilderness.

We are not alone. God is all around.
Let us worship the God of the here and now.



      Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God
      – Keith Green

This song is written and sung by Keith Green.
The lyric video was created by pepingchan. It is based on Psalm 51

Children’s message

      “God’s Promise”
      Marin Miller

Thanks to Marin for sharing her wonderful
children’s messages with us, on her youtube channel

Children’s Song

     A Rainbow Valentine

This is found on the youtube channel of Romeo DeMarco,
being sung by a Presbyterian Children’s choir at an unknown location.
No citations were found, but the song comes from Woodlake Books Publishing,
and was originally in the curriculum for the Whole People of God/Seasons of the Spirit.


     Genesis 9:8-14
     Mark 1:9-13

     Read by Mary

     The word of God
     for the People of God
     Thanks be to God!


     “Living with the Wild Beasts”
     By Rev. Karla Fredericksen

Prayers of the People


The Prayer of Confession and Assurance are adapted from a prayer by Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC | sanctifiedart.org.

God who meets us where we are—
There is nowhere we can go that you are not.

You were with Jesus at his baptism.
You were with him in the wilderness,
And even in between, you were there,
Saying aloud, “This is my beloved.”

We know that you are with us too—
In the good, the bad, and everything in between—
But so often we act like we are alone.

Instead of coming to you with our hurt,
We hold it in or cast it onto others.
Instead of coming to you with our joy,
We credit ourselves and offer you nothing.

How can we long for a deeper relationship with you
While living like you are nowhere to be found?

Forgive our self-centered ways.
Remind us that in every breath, in every step, you are there.

You are the God who meets us where we are.
Before and behind, above and below, within and
around. Amen.

 Assurance of Forgiveness

 Prayers of Gratitude

 Prayers of Concern

    God in your mercy
       …Hear our prayers

 The Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come; thy will be done
      on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who
      trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power
      and the glory forever. Amen.


Take note of the ways to give:  Our time, our gifts and talents, our worship and praise, our service in church and community, and our monetary gifts.  During this pandemic, please remember the church still pays minimal staff and building expenses, so keep the church in mind for your giving. 
For monetary offerings:

  • checks sent to CUMC, P.O. Box 417, Chehalis, WA  98532. 
  • Cash, of course, would have to be brought to the church office (in an envelope, please) during office hours (Tues 10AM to 4PM; Wed-Thur, 10-1:00)
  • On the DONATE page of this website find a link to our giving site, using a debit or credit card, or your own PayPal account. 
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            Yield Not to Temptation – Al Green
            Sung by Hasan Green

Written by Al Green in 1987. From the youtube channel: TheHasanGreen

Offering Dedication


The video contains
this prayer
and the announcements
and Benediction that follow.

The Benediction is adapted from a prayer by Sarah Are | A Sanctified Art LLC | sanctifiedart.org.

Previewing Announcements

Here are some highlights – For a more full description of these items and the links to zoom meetings, look in the announcement section, which is after the Closing Music


  • Tuesday – 10:00 AM – Coffee hour – via zoom from home
  • Tuesday – 11AM-4 PM – Pastor Karla office hours
  • T – W – Th – 10AM-1PM – office hours (Valerie)
  • Wednesday – 6:45-8:00 PM Bible Study – “The Last Week: Palm Sunday”
  • Friday – 10 AM – Outreach team, breakfast casserole making!
  • Saturday – delivery of food for Mission Brunch
  • Next Sunday (Feb 21) – early on Sunday a.m.– Worship is available again!


Postlude/Closing Hymn

        Go Now in Peace
– Besig and Price

Go in peace, go in love, go in joy!
Thanks be to God!


Announcements / “Soundbites”

This week:

  • Tuesday – 10:00 AM – Coffee hour – via zoom from home
  • Tuesday – 11AM-4 PM – Pastor Karla will have usual office hours.
  • T – W – Th – 10AM-1PM – office hours
  • Wednesday – 6:45-8:00 PM Bible Study – “The Last Week”: Palm Sunday
  • Friday – 10 AM – Outreach team, breakfast casserole making!
  • Saturday – delivery of food for Mission Brunch
  • Next Sunday (Feb 21) – early on Sunday a.m.– Worship is available again!

Wednesday Night Bible Study
6:30-7:30 pm

 “The Last Week” by Marcus Borg and John Crossan.

This book follows the Gospel of Mark rendering of the Last Week of Jesus’ life (and death and life), in a day-by account of that Final Week, which takes place in Jerusalem –

Here’s what to read ahead of class:
This week – Feb 24 – Chapter 2: “Monday”

The Book is available on Amazon – used books are around $8 including the shipping.

Here is the link to use to join the ZOOM BIBLE STUDY on an internet enabled device, smartphone or computer - https://greaternw.zoom.us/j/93573921173 - We will be able to screen share, and if there is a video see it together, so calling in without video gives you less advantage, though you could still hear the video, and would be welcome to listen in. 
Additional ways to connect:
One tap mobile +12532158782,,93573921173# US (Tacoma)
Dial on any regular phone (landline) +1 253 215 8782 (Tacoma), then enter when prompted: Meeting ID: 935 7392 1173


A FREE online version of the Upper Room is available, click this link: The Upper Room. This is available to us because our church subscribes and gets hard copies of the booklets. These are available at the church building. If for some reason you haven’t gotten one yet, or prefer to get the online version, then use the link above either for temporary use, or all the time during the pandemic.

“Coffee Hour” – Tuesdays 10:00 AM

This is an opportunity to see and hear other church people, share your joys and concerns, and pray together! To join the chatter follow the link at 10:00 AM Tuesday 
THIS WEEK. Bring your own coffee and/or snack!
Join Zoom Meeting –

For alternative ways to join click the next link and read!  Everyone can come, EVEN BY REGULAR LANDLINE PHONE!  
More info and more links: “COFFEE HOUR” POST  

Hiss! Hiss!

The flood was over, and all the animals had left the ark. 
Noah commented to his wife how quiet it was… but then they heard sniffling.
Still on the deck were two little snakes, and both were crying.
 “Why are you so unhappy, little ones?” Noah asked.
The male snake raised his head and said, “Oh, Noah, you told
us to go forth upon the earth and multiply.  But we can’t – we’re adders.”