Worship – Apr 19, 2020

Welcome to worship!

The order of worship which follows includes the Call and Prayer that are below.

Call to Worship

Opening Prayer

God of new life, as we continue to reflect on the happenings of Easter, renew our joy and trust in you; encourage our faith, so that although we do not see you, yet we believe and rejoice in you. Amen.


“We Walk By Faith” in The Faith We Sing #2196, verses 1-3 Tune: Martyrdom

Words are below the video, if you don’t have the songbook.

Gospel Lesson        John 20:19-31

Read by Mark Fredericksen

The following video includes the Gospel Reading, as well as the SERMON, and other elements of worship which are below it.


“Scars of Life” Rev. Karla Fredericksen

Prayers of the People


    While you are listening to the “offertory” music on the video below, here is a moment to remember the work of the church, and to determine what you give back to God through the church.  Take note of the ways to give:  Our time, our gifts and talents, our worship, our service in church and community, and our monetary gifts. 

During this pandemic moment in time, please remember the church in your giving.  Take note of several venues to contribute without an offering plate being passed:

We accept: checks sent to CUMC, P.O. Box 417, Chehalis, WA  98532.  Or you can go to the DONATE page and find a link to our giving site, using a debit or credit card, or your own PayPal account.  Some prefer to use their own bank’s bill-payer and set a monthly amount.

Here’s the offertory music:

The following video includes the prayer and blessing which are below it.

A Prayer for Our Giving

God of life, we have not seen you with our eyes, yet we respond in faith as we bring these offerings. We open our hearts and lift up our voices in praise as we rejoice in you today.

May these gifts that we bring and the lives that we live be witnesses to your love shown in Jesus.  Amen.


Thanksgiving              “Hands”

The video below offers a ritual celebrating our hands, and exploring our ability to use our hands even when we cannot touch one another…or Jesus. It also includes the refrain from the song “Without Seeing You.” It was used in last week’s worship with the Greater Northwest Area United Methodists. You may want to explore the ritual again in light of Jesus’ nail scarred hands.

LICENSE: Without Seeing You, words & music by David Haas, ©1993 GIA Publications. ASCAP Work ID: 530514079, Licensed under CCS.

Closing Prayer

Holy One, we thank you for hearing our prayers,
for feeding us with your word and spirit, and encouraging us in our worship. Take us and use us to love and serve you, and all people,
in the power of your Spirit, and in the name of Christ.  Amen.

Song of Response   

May You Run and Not Be Weary      Faith We Sing #2281

  Here’s some good accompaniment for you to sing to, if you choose (words below video):

Go in peace!