Worship! What should I expect?

Check out “What’s Coming up in Worship?” for a listing for the next month or so of scripture/sermon topics and other special activity in both worship services.

HERE is normally what you should expect in our worship service:

Traditional (Blended) Worship Join us for a fairly traditional Candlelight serviceservice which includes praise music and hymns, a children’s message, sharing joys and concerns in prayer, plus sermon (usually by Pastor Karla Fredericksen) and liturgy.  The atmosphere is somewhat informal – come as you are to share in the mystery of God’s love and the ministry of the congregation!  (Communion is the first Sunday of each month.)

Supper Church – After a summer trial, Supper church will return about once a month.   It includes a shared meal.  The food is supplied or potluck (donations are welcome to cover cost).  Music and other elements of worship vary and there is usually not a formal sermon, but scripture, prayers and some form of meditation or focus exercise.  After the meal and a time for sharing, we close with Eucharist every time we meet.


At Worship, expect to be genuinely welcomed as you arrive.  You’ll probably be asked if you’d like to be introduced to the congregation when you are new – it is okay either way, say yes or no.  Expect to be invited to our coffee hour after the morning worship and to eat with us at the Supper Church – come anyway, if you are not specifically invited!  This is a time to just chat over refreshments and beverages in a non-threatening getting-to-know-one-another time.

The morning service is held in the sanctuary year-round, seated in a traditional manner on pews.  The Supper Church is in Boadway Hall (our large fellowship area), and around tables.


This varies by personality and comfort level.  Some wear blue jeans, some Sunday mornings the only woman wearing a dress is Pastor Karla; you very occasionally see a tie on men; on game days you’ll see Seahawks or Mariner colors and clothing.  This is to say, come as you are and as you feel comfortable.  The evening Supper Church is especially intended as come as you are!

For any of our services, if you are going to a soccer game before or after worship, don’t feel you will have to change!  We’re glad to have you make church a priority in your day.

Print or screen?

Well… BOTH!  We will give you the opportunity to take a printed program in the morning worship with the outline of worship, and to follow the service using a screen up frontWords for hymns/songs are usually on the screen, however hymnals and songbooks, or sheet music are available to those who like to see the musical notes!

Accompaniment for singing is usually piano, occasionally organ or another instrument(s) in morning worship.  

When it comes to singing, it’s okay to clap to the beat when the mood is right!  And when a choir performs or there is special music, it’s okay to clap your gratitude to the performance and to God!  Showing appreciation is a godly thing.

If you feel like raising hands briefly to glorify God, you are welcomed to, sing every hymn or song or none, participate in the “Prayers of the People” (where prayers are made out loud by individuals) or just listen.  However, you will NEVER be expected to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or conspicuous.

The Lord’s Supper/EUCHARIST

Communion methods can vary, but it is usually by “intinction” where a piece of bread from the common loaf is dipped into the common cup. Occasionally, we might use small individual cups and a cut piece of bread or wafer.  We use only unfermented grape juice for our worship (not alcohol).  The bread varies.

We always have a gluten-free cracker available for anyone who has a need or a preference for them, and a single cup of grape juice, as well.

(At morning worship the COMMUNION IS SERVED THE FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH.  At Supper Church Communion is served EVERY GATHERING.  ALL are welcome to the table!!)