Marilyn Turner-Burchett, Choir Director

Marilyn Turner-Burchett0002Marilyn Turner-Burchett is the director of our ADULT vocal choir.  She has been with us for about 14 years.  She is talented and has extensive experience in music programs, including her work in the public high school, and private piano and voice lessons.  The music she chooses is very diverse in style and arrangement, and she often edits the arrangements at practice, bringing in new and innovative harmonies!

Marilyn is also our accompanist for the Sunday morning worship service.

Marilyn’s assistant, Steve O’Connor, is the choir accompanist.  Steve brings an extensive 30 years of experience in church music, and a Masters in Organ Performance.  (Occasionally, he plays organ for us, too!)  He began with us in September of 2017, after moving to Chehalis to retire from his career in church music.  He and his wife, Nancy, live on a small “hobby farm” nearby and among other things have a horse and grow mushrooms and onions.