Our Staff

Here are our church staff:

(*Click on a picture to get an introduction.)

Karla stained glass

*Rev. Karla Fredericksen, Pastor

Music Program Staff

Marilyn Turner-Burchett0002

Mitchell Merrill0002<<<*Marilyn Turner-Burchett, Musician/Choir Director

and  *Mitchell Merrill, Choir Accompanist>>>


Mary Dahlstrom0002Jean Long

<<<*Mary Dahlstrom

& Jean Long>>>

Adult Hand Bells

Leslie Durham0002



<<<*Leslie Durham,

Director, Youth Hand Bells


Other Staff:

<<< *Pat Richards, childcare specialist

Assistant:  Bailey Whittington



Not pictured:

         Lola Toloba, Lay Leader

         *Aric Fisher, Office Manager

         Jan Davies, Custodian