Our Staff

Here are our church staff:

(*Click on a picture to get an introduction.)

Karla stained glass

*Rev. Karla Fredericksen, Pastor

Music Program Staff

Marilyn Turner-Burchett0002

<<<*Marilyn Turner-Burchett, Musician/Choir Director

and  Steve O’Connor, Choir Accompanist, and occasional Organist  (Not pictured)




Mary Dahlstrom0002Jean Long

<<<*Mary Dahlstrom

& Jean Long>>>

Adult Hand Bells





Other Staff:

<<< *Pat Richards, childcare specialist

Assistant:  Bailey Whittington (not pictured)





Other Staff, NOT PICTURED:

Valerie Sullivan, Office Manager

                Val is new to this position.  We welcome her cheerful presence!  Her duties are to receive guests and members in the office, help with needs as she can; publish order of worship, soundbites announcement sheet weekly, and a newsletter monthly.  

Maggie Monsano, Custodian

               Maggie keeps the premises sparkling clean and clutter-free.  She comes in once a week to do a thorough cleaning and restock supplies, etc.