MUSIC Program

Chehalis United Methodist Church has LOTS of places to express yourself with music!  Depending on your levels of commitment and talent, here are places to sing, play or just hum along…

Adult Vocal Choir

Actually, we’ll take committed 8th graders to 109 year choir peanuts cartoonolds.  Check in with our Director, Marilyn Turner-Burchett to determine which section you will join.  The choir sings a variety of music from the occasional classical to spirituals, and most everything in-between.

This choir performs at the 11:00 worship weekly from September to June, with just a few exceptions.  Their rehearsals are Wednesday 7:30-9:00PM, and Sunday 10:30-10:50.

Voices in Bronze

Our adult Hand Bell choir (again, high school students may join).  Lead by Mary Dahlstrom and Jean Long.  Talents range from beginners to bell choirseasoned players, determining the number of bells you will handle.

This choir rehearses weekly on Wednesdays 6:00-7:30, and 10:00-10:30 on the Sunday of performance.  Performance is usually the 4th Sunday of the month at the 11:00 worship service.  They also take the summer off, starting the end of May.


We have an outstanding music program at CUMC!bell choir

ANGEL BEATS – These are not just “older” kids, but those of any age who have gained a little more experience with bells.  This ensemble uses both chimes and hand bells.

They rehearse on Monday evenings at 7:00 PM. in the upstairs Bell Choir rooms (off the main hallway to the sanctuary).  The ensemble takes the summer months off, also.

For more information contact Leslie Durham, the director.

Youth Vocal Choir?

There is currently some discussion of starting a new Youth Choir.  We need some adult leaders and helpers to step up to the task, however.  If you or someone you know has this kind of interest in both music and youth, please let Pastor Karla know!

Special Performances:sing for joy

The church has so many talented people.  During the summer, when choirs take a break, we like to have soloes, duets and quartets, etc. – voice or instrumental.  And many Sundays we’d welcome the same year-round.

Do you play an instrument?  If you are willing to share your talent with the church in some way, either by special performance or playing along with the accompaniment of songs and hymns, you are welcome to contact Pastor Karla or one of our musician staff.