“Virtual Worship” is being substituted for sanctuary in-person worship, during the COVID-19 pandemic, see the welcome page for links to this “in-home” adventure! 


Want to see and talk to other church friends (and the Pastor) in person?  Even though we are physically distanced we can be socially and spiritually close.  Follow the link on Tuesday mornings at 10 AM for Pastor Chat.  We share what’s happening in our lives, joys, concerns, and we pray together.    SEE MORE WITH LINKS TO THE ZOOM CALL

Regular Sunday Schedule

When we are back to in-person gathering!

  • The Regular Sunday Schedule:

         9:30 AM – Faithlink Class (Adults) – child care for up to 8 yr.

11:00 AM – WORSHIP  and KID ZONE (ages 5-12) 

  • Child care is provided during worship for up to 5 years old – in addition to Kid Zone
  • Following worship every Sunday:   Everyone is welcome to stay for snacks and beverages in Boadway Hall.  This is get-acquainted time.  Occasionally there is a special coffee hour with a meal to celebrate an event, and all who attend worship are invited to be a part of it, too!


We will welcome Seattle-to-Portland Bikers as Lodgers at the church building again this year, on July 18. FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK on the PICTURE.

Small Group/Fellowship Opportunities:


Follow this link to a comprehensive list of our many SMALL GROUP fellowship and service activities.

In addition, Sunday mornings, following Worship there is always some kind of foods, beverages and fellowship. Fall through Spring, the Third Sunday there is often a fellowship LUNCH or Potluck.






The Faithlink class on Sunday mornings is September through May.       9:30 AM on Sundays.  The subject matter is selected from current events and topics of interest.  There is always information on the topic, scriptures to draw from, and a United Methodist specific perspective, with lots of discussion from the group.  All are welcome!

The Kid Zone which begins at the children’s sermon on Sunday mornings is also September through June.  It starts as children leave worship about 11:10 AM (Sunday), after the children’s sermon.  Children leave to the activity zone, and adults continue the worship service with sermon, etc.



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New “BURROWS KITCHEN” is finished!

                                                                   Sept 25, 2017

Now we are fellowshipping in a newly changed space.  A space which we hope and pray will make for better comradery around the preparation of food and beverages, the foods that then will be consumed during activities that are for gathering in community, fun, learning, fundraising, worship and fellowship.

We have made it easier to have large gatherings in Boadway Hall, with the new carpet that cuts down on reverberation in the room and helps us to hear one another.

The kitchen is, however, the space of our dreams!  And is basically ALL brand new, except for a few appliances which still have plenty of life left in them.  A new, easier to use commercial dishwasher, commercial ovens that actually work, and open spaces where many people can work simultaneously.  Since finishing the kitchen last Fall, the UMW has also replaced the freezer with a new one. 

We want to thank Stan Long and Jeff Sherman, who during the course of the construction were the on-site managers of the project.  We thank the United Methodist Women for refurnishing the “contents” of the kitchen – new dishes and coffee mugs, etc., so that we can now be much more eco-friendly in our gatherings by using that dishwasher much of the time.

The changes and remodeling are made possible because of many generous donations added all together.  We are grateful for every last fundraiser of the United Methodist Women, including the donation-based meals which were for new dishes and other items for this kitchen.  And we are grateful!

Our newly remodeled kitchen is called “Burrows Kitchen” because of the many years of service to this church that both Fremont and Anne Ev extended in so many ways.  They gave generously to see this project done, as well.  Fremont wanted so badly to see this project through, but his body just gave out before he saw it.  He was that way as a Trustee of the church and often said of different projects, “Let’s get her done!”  It seemed a very appropriate project to take on in Anne Ev’s name, especially, since for many years she was one who came in, quietly and without accolades, after Sunday’s celebrations were past, nearly every week, to clean up any leftover clutter or mess, put things away, wipe down the kitchen to keep it sparkling and ready to use again, and she laundered the towels and dishcloths.

This is a space today of which both of these persons would be proud.  Hospitality meant a lot to this family through the years of dinner parties and gatherings in their island house or here in Chehalis.  May the spirit of those festivities be the same kind of spirit that enters our space each time we use it.  We dedicated this space in memory of Anne Ev and Fremont Burrows, remembering their legacy of stewardship, service, hospitality and of love to their community

Every time that we pick up a mug of coffee, every time we eat a bowl of soup, or scarf down a brownie or cookie, every time that a pancake is served or a plate of spaghetti is eaten in this space, let us be grateful for God’s goodness and extend our welcome (God’s welcome) to every person whom God loves.