Holy Week & Easter – Virtual Worship Opportunities

Here are some things that are coming up for Holy Week!

Go out into your yard or home and find an available “branch” – could be a flower or a small branch, or spring of Rosemary… something symbolic to wave as a “palm” for the service.
Then go to the page for VIRTUAL WORSHIP FOR PALM SUNDAY, April 5 – This link will be up before 11 AM on Sunday Morning!

April 9, 6:30 PM Maundy Thursday Communion

Our Maundy Thursday (No Soup) Communion Worship will not take place at the church building this year, but we’ll still have something like it! 

Eat some soup or other simple meal in your home.  Then, you and your loved ones are invited to join worship, using ZOOM technology at 6:30 PM.  Follow the link to our zoom location and we’ll worship face-to-face.  There’s a catch, though, you bring your own communion elements! – some kind of bread and some juice (grape is nice, but any you have will do).  Your elements will be blessed and we will partake of the blessed meal of Christ together. 

Join at https://greaternw.zoom.us/j/5509088690 – Remember that this is LIVE and you’ll see each other! Dress appropriately!

 7:00 AM  Sunrise Service

Join Pastor Karla in her front yard among the early spring flowers – virtually again, that is!  Join on zoom at 7 AM – you can go outside in your own yard, if you like (with your phone or laptop), or stay inside.  It will be a brief service, but our traditional way of bringing in Easter Day, as if we were near the tomb discovering that it is empty!

https://greaternw.zoom.us/j/5509088690 to join the Sunrise gathering on your computer or smartphone.

Easter Morning Worship with the Bishop

All the UM churches of the Northwest are being invited for a special worship on Easter!  The Bishop will be preaching.  There will be Easter photos and images from around the Northwest, Music from several NW churches. Information about how to join this Worship service will be posted right HERE, and on the WELCOME PAGE by Wednesday of Holy Week.

STP – Seattle to Portland Bikers!

The church is excited about providing lodging for STP riders again in the summer of 2020.  They will be housed in the basement of the main church building and fed in Boadway Hall, with snacks near the sleeping area.

If you would like to be a volunteer for greeting, food preparation, overnight host/ess, etc., please contact Jean Long.

If you are an STP Rider looking for accommodations, we will welcome you, and BELOW are the links to information you may be looking to download.

QUESTIONS?  NEED MORE HELP?  If you are someone who has already signed up with us and need to change something on your registration, or for MORE INFORMATION, you may call Jean Long at 360-388-1851 or email her at stanjeanlong@msn.com.