No worship? Yes Worship -Virtually

 DURING THE PANDEMIC VIRUS, WE DO NOT HAVE AN IN-PERSON WORSHIP!  However, we are putting up a Worship Video with a meditation or sermon, and some other elements of worship, plus a few written items – suggested songs, prayers, etc.  This is for your use with “in-home” worship.  There will be a link here and on the welcoming page, by 11:00 AM on Sunday for you to access these resources.

A new worship page will be uploaded to this site each Sunday, but you may access it any day of the week.

As always, you can look ahead at scriptures we will be using – Check this out on the “What’s Coming Up in Worship?” page.

Please stay safe and healthy!  Here we are in the midst of Lent, after the First Sunday of Lent in which scripture told us that Jesus was tempted to throw himself down off the pinnacle of the temple.  Some want to say in these times that “God and his angels will take care of you.”  However, Jesus said, “Don’t tempt the Lord your God.”  Tempting God is throwing ourselves into dangerous situations, expecting God to save us from ourselves.  Instead, God expects us take every precaution to remain in safety.  Wash your hands often, practice social distance, avoid touching your face, especially with unwashed hands, and wash your hands after touching your face.  Don’t “tempt the Lord.”